Havening Techniques® is an extraordinary new therapeutic method that helps people overcome emotional problems and develop resilience.

Gentle, reassuring touch combined with mental activities create biological changes in the brain that free it from acquired fear responses.
Havening Techniques® have been developed over the last decade by Dr. Ronald Ruden, MD PhD, and used by certified practitioners since 2013.

Resulting from exciting and ground-breaking neuroscience research, the toolkit alleviates traumas, anxieties, fears and obstructive emotions.

It conveys to the mind that it’s in a safe haven and prepares it for better experiences.

Havening Techniques® blend seamlessly with other methods of healing and self-improvement, increasing their effectiveness. Plus, people can easily be taught to help themselves with Havening.


Havening was created by Dr Ronald Ruden, a doctor with his own clinical practice and a researcher in New York and co-developed with Dr Steven Ruden DDS. Paul McKenna, UK NLP celebrity, introduced him to EFT and TFT a decade ago.


Researching these methods, Dr. Ruden found that stroking and distracting techniques produce relief from distressing memories by depotentiating receptors on neurons in the amygdala.

This biological removal disconnects the recalled memory from its emotional content.

His pioneering clinical studies show that distress reactions are reduced to insignificant levels.

Havening Practitioners have cleared encoded traumas, fears, phobias, anxieties, compulsions and other amygdala based disorders.  Havening reduces painful symptoms by altering how the associated memories are stored.


Other Havening Techniques were developed that reduce stress, augment well-being and enhance performance.

They work in part by boosting serotonin and other brain chemicals.

As research and development by the Doctors and practitioners continue, the techniques are evolving and proving to be revolutionary


Susan Cortese

Passionate about Emotional Intelligence and neuroscience, I discovered Havening Techniques® created by Dr. Ruden through my friend and NLP instructor Tony Burgess, the European head of Havening Techniques.

Hearing about the amazing results Tony was getting in his practice, I took a friend who had recently been traumatized to see him.

That therapeutic treatment has changed her life.

I had to learn more about these incredible techniques and bring awareness to France.

I trained with Tony Burgess in 2014 and became the first practitioner and trainer in France.

I use havening techniques in my coaching practice to help people increase self-confidence and resilience.

Many of my clients have experienced astonishing changes with Havening including overcoming distressing memories, stage fright, fear of flying and numerous phobias, uncontrollable anger and other limiting emotions.

Today, my mission is to transmit Havening Techniques to helping professionals, such as doctors, therapists, NLP practitioners, support workers, first responders, EFT and EMDR practitioners.



  • Certified Havening Techniques practitioner

  • Certified Havening Techniques trainer

  • NLP master-practitioner,

  • Accredited executive coach,

  • DiSC master-trainer,

  • Communications degree, University of Mount Union, USA

  • Team-building and EQ leadership facilitator

  • Professional and personal development coach

  • Interpersonal / intercultural communications trainer

  • Management and creativity Consultant,

  • Founder of Smart Business Communications in 1996: Design and facilitation in personal development, management and communication.

  • Founder of Discernys in 2007: training, certification and pedagogical material on psychometric tools for consultants, coaches and HR professionals. 

Juliette Salzmann

Juliette has developed a unique approach to help individuals through short therapy for traumas, burn out, eating disorders, insomnias, sexual disorders, phobias, addictions as well as coaching for artists, young adults searching  for their path, spiritual development to powerfully effect real change to create long-lasting positive outcomes.

All sessions are individually designed to address issues that are important to the well-being and happiness of her clients. For more information or to book a session please contact her though phone or mel. French and English

Juliette is a Generative Coach certified by world famous Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan, an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist certified and recommanded by ARCHE institute, a Generative Hypnotherapist certified and trained by Steve Gilligan, an NLP practitioner certified by  NLP Life and trained by Richard Bandler, and a certified Havening Practitioner. She followed many personal development seminars by Gaston Brosseau, Steve Brooks, Bill O´Hanlon, Jennifer de Gandt.


Gaelle Du Penhoat

Gaëlle began her practice of Havening Techniques in the first training in France in 2015. As a sophrologist and coach, she has naturally incorporated the Havening toolbox in her work with individuals to see accelerated and astounding results.

A coach since 2005, Gaëlle is passionate about human behaviour.

She has developed a practice that integrates an individual’s three dimensions: Heart (emotions), Head (intellect and thoughts), and Body (actions and sensations).

Dynamic and benevolent, she accompanies her clients in managing stress and nerves, harmonizing their interpersonal relations or optimizing their professional effectiveness.

Gaëlle is committed to helping people reconcile performance and well-being.

Gaëlle and Susan also collaborate on corporate training projects to manage stress, develop emotional intelligence and leadership.



  • Certified Havening Techniques practitioner

  • Coach, ICF France member,

  • Accredited sophrologist

  • Certified DiSC trainer,

  • Process Communication (PCM),

  • InterQualia (Flow and emotional health)



  • Author of “Boite à Outils: Gestion de Stress”, a collection of stress management tools.

  • Team-building and EQ leadership facilitator

  • Professional and personal development coach

  • Assertiveness trainer

  • Management Consultant

Christilla Caron

Through expertise in Hypnotherapy and Coaching combined with her experience as a Human Resources Manager in a worldwide company, Christilla offers a unique approach to the issues you bring to sessions.

For over ten years she has gained expertise from masters such as John Grinder in NLP coaching, Steve Gilligan in Ericksonian Hypnosis or Generative Hypnosis, Jennifer De Gandt in Clean language and Richard Schwartz in the French training of IFS.

She was one of the first French therapist to be trained by Tony Burgess in Paris in 2015 for Havening. This method has become central to facilitating holistic deep changes with clients. Christilla has included Havening practice for the last three years for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Her practice includes helping clients with stress-biased behaviors, insomnias, phobias, eating disorders, addictions , burnout, as well as traumas.

English speaking people in Paris are welcome.




havening techniques



Havening Techniques can literally change the landscape of our brains in order to experience life more freely. Havening can be used with affirmations and visualizations to help people gain control of their lives.

It can help people manage their emotional state for important events.

It can help them overcome low self-esteem and take on positive beliefs and attitudes.

Havening helps people increase their confidence and prepare for greater performance.


Havening has positively impacted many lives.

It’s being used with military veterans, victims of violence, patients, general public, students, and people from all walks of life in many countries.

People suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, panic attacks, phobias, chronic pain have been freed from these disorders through Havening. 

The traumatic and distressing experiences are encoded in the brain in a way that often leads to disabling psychological and physical symptoms.

Havening can help treat these symptoms


Havening can diminish emotional responses to heartbreaking experiences involving loss, violence, abuse and humiliation.

It can help people overcome feelings of anger shame, abandonment, grief, stress, frustration, jealousy and sadness.

Through treating the emotional responses to distressing memories, Havening clears out the accumulated unhelpful feelings and enables people to restore their natural resilience.  


Key to Havening’s effectiveness is the use of touch as sensory input.

The practitioner strokes the client's arms, face and hands so that he innately feels safe.

This triggers delta wave production in the brain.

The delta waves stimulate helpful chemical chain reactions in the limbic system.

If the client has activated receptors on the surface of neurons in the amygdala where a traumatic event is encoded, this process will disable them.

The electro-chemical modifications in the brain brought about by the Havening Touch provoke a biological environment where outdated reactions can be updated with more positive responses.  


Havening Techniques® training in France - For therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, medics, coaches, NLP practitioners, trauma specialists and a wide range of other professionals involved in helping and developing people. Delivered by Susan Cortese, and Gaëlle du Penhoat.


Havening Techniques® - A better Life through Neuroscience
(Do make sure any Havening Techniques training that you consider is approved by the originators. All approved trainers and practitioners are listed on the www.havening.org website)


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