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Want to add Havening Techniques to your practice?



1.     2-day training in Havening Techniques:


You will understand how Havening Techniques work and also learn how Havening facilitates your therapeutic and personal development work. By participating in this training, you will get what you need to become a knowledgeable practitioner.

This training will combine the theoretical side with demonstrations of the different Havening Techniques and the practical side with the application of these Techniques.

2.     Evaluation and Certification Process: Havening Techniques Practitioner Training

Once you have completed the initial 2-day group training, you will be able to move on to Stage 2 Certification, it includes completion of:

1 science exam: the training manual, developed by Dr. Ron Ruden, will provide you with the answers to understand the brain functions impacted by havening

30 case studies: you will be supported and accompanied in your initial of havening techniques. You need to carry out a minimum of thirty (30) sessions exclusively using havening techniques with your clients and fill out an intake form on each Havening session. The submissions for evaluation of your Havening session forms you will be followed up with supervision and mentoring.

2 filmed sessions; you also need to submit 2 videos of your work in a Havening session

To graduate from this program and obtain certification, you must complete all requirements and demonstrate mastery of the required skills as a Havening practitioner.

Certification is a guarantee of professional and ethical guidance.


Make the commitment to become a qualified practitioner by completing the certification process. You will be able to combine Havening's various Techniques elegantly with your existing skills to achieve enhanced outcomes.

Please note that the requirements to attend our certification training require a certain level of prior training in health care, NLP, hypnosis, psychology, or counseling and coaching.

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